Meet the GFTW Teachers

The teachers who participate in this project come from around the world. Here you can see who they are, where they come from and why they joined the GFTW.

Name: Arjana Blazic
I teach: English and German
I use GFTW because: I want my students to learn with and from their peers who come from all over the world.
School: IX. gimnazija
City: Zagreb
Country: CROATIA

Name: Viviana Alayo
I teach: Spanish
I use GFTW because: my students of second year of high school from Machado de Assis 2010 want to show the glogs of Spanish communities and glogs of Glogs about Brazilian culture, history & music and Brazilian Flora and FaunaOur students from Machado de Assis 2009 want to show you every state of our country Brazil . You'll see Brazilian states capital named Brasilia. Enjoy yourselves and take a look at one of the most enjoyable countries of our world . And if you can, come to visit us and have unforgettable days in Brazil. Have fun!
School: Colegio Machado de Assis
City: Joinville -Santa Catarina
Country: BRAZIL

Name: Candace Townsley
I teach: Middle School Gifted and Talented classes
I use GFTW because: my students are 6th & 7th graders (11-13 year old) who chose to do Glogs about the United States. Enjoy our Glogs and we would love to read your comments on the DISCUSSION tabs on our pages.
School: Owasso Middle School
City: Owasso
State/Country: OKLAHOMA, USA

Name: Eva Büyüksimkeşyan and Culya Yapıcı
We teach: English
We use GFTW because, we find this project very interesting. Our students started creating their glogs and we have added some of them. You can see their glogs here.. I hope you enjoy them and I hope we continue to collaborate together.
School: Esayan Armenian High School
City: Istanbul
Country: TURKEY

Name: Clara Vieira
I teach: English
I use GFTW because my 9th grader students have been using Glogster as a tool to present their assignments and they are having a lot of fun! Check their work: Glogs from Portugal. It's great to be part of this project!
School: Escola Secundária Vale de Cambra
City: Vale de Cambra

Name: Valerie Burton
I teach: English
I use GFTW because I fell in love with Ms. Blazic's wiki and my students are looking forward to making meaningful contributions to this work site. We will look forward to sharing our work with you. Here's our Class Blog.
School: West Jefferson High School
City: Harvey, New Orleans
State/Country: LOUISIANA, USA

Name: Monika Hardy
I teach: Maths
I use GFTW because: I'm part of the lovelies from Colorado... who helped me make our first glog...
School: Thompson Valley High School
City: Loveland
State/Country: COLORADO, USA

Name: José Romão
I teach: English
I use GFTW because: in this page I intend to publish several glogs created by the students I spend the afternoon with at a study hall in my school. We have already participated in another challenge also in wikispaces " What makes your country unique?" And we used the film we created for that challenge in our first glog here.
I also want to say that our glog is not finished yet. I'll try to embed it here, but we are going to go on working on it every week...
School: Colegio de Alfragide
City: Alfragide

Name: Judy Uhrig
I am: a Media Coordinator
I use GFTW because I teach grades K-5. We have a lot of fun in our Media Center and are interested in connecting with other classrooms across the country and globe. The link to my Media Center page is Diggs Latham Elementary Media Center , where we also have a World Wide Wiki. We are working on our Glogs to share information on our beautiful city and state. You will hear from us soon! Click here to see our glogs!
School: Diggs-Latham Elementary Magnet School of Arts and Global Studies
City: Winston-Salem

Name: Rositsa Mineva
I teach: English
I use GFTW because this is a great project is that and I'm happy to take part here with kids' projects from Bulgaria! Glogster EDU is a great internet resource.I started doing "The World" glog to collect all students' glogs on it (I made mixed one about Brazil too , have a look please!) and hope that there will be eager people in helping me finish it! You can find more about me here.
School: The Fifth Primary School
City: Stara Zagora

Name: Shyam Sunder Malhotra
I teach: English
I use GFTW because I want my students to be to be wise and to think a little bit upon what I am taking next and that is Go green. Congrats Arjana Blazic for winning the award. Please visit our new page
School: St. Simran School
City: Patiāla Area
Country: INDIA

Name: Vicki Palmer
I am a Middle School Teacher-Librarian
I use GFTW because I am working with a Year 7 English and SOSE (Social Sciences) class to learn how to use glogs and hopefully get more classes to come and learn this as well. Firstly we will post glogs about Brisbane but then, about other places in Australia! Here is my glog on Sydney.
Here are some glogs my students have made about Brisbane.
School: Brisbane Grammar
City: Brisbane

Name: Shannon McClintock Miller
I am a District Teacher Librarian
I use GFTW because we are so excited to be part of this awesome project! :) As the district teacher librarian at Van Meter, I plan to involve students throughout our elementary and secondary. In the secondary we are a 1:1 laptop environment, so our students are using technology all of the time to create amazing products. Glogsters have been one of their favorite Web 2.0 tools! We look forward to sharing a variety of themes, statements, and creations through our Glogsters and this Wiki! Thanks for having us on board. Find our Van Meter Library VOICE here!
School: Van Meter Community Schools
City: Van Meter
State/Country: IOWA, USA

Name: Tóthné Bán Gyöngyi
I teach: English
I use GFTW because we live at Lake Balaton in a small town, Balatonboglár. It's a small primary school: Primary School Balatonboglár.I teach small children age 9-12. They are very nice and want to know more about other countries, cultures from all over the world. They learn English as the second language, and these project works can motivate them in their studies. They really like them very much.
School: Primary School Balatonboglár
City: Balatonboglár
Country: HUNGARY

Name: Dan Roberts
I teach Science and I'm a Deputy Head
I use GFTW because I want to connect students from my school with their peers from all over the world.
School: Saltash Community Schools
City: Saltash

Name:Jesstern Rays
I am an independent ICT instructor
I use GFTW becauseas a professional developer and educational technology consultant to several K-12 schools in Singapore I want my studetns to collaborate with their peers. In an increasingly globalised world, glogs can be used to allow students to learn about other cultures and religions in a virtual student exchange program. Students become ambassadors to their nations.
School: Catholic High School
City: Singapore

Name: Clara Gutierrez
I am a bilingual First Grade teacher
I use GFTW because my first graders, who are 6-7 years old, are very excited to show you two wonderful places , Texas and Mexico, through their glogs. My students' first language is Spanish, and they are learning English as a second language. We want to congratulate Arjana Blazic for this amazing project. Felicidades!
School: Westwood Elementary School
City: Houston
State/Country: TEXAS, USA

Name: Heidi Musterós
I teach: German, español
I use GFTW because nosotros somos una escuela PRIMARIA de Argentina. Es el COLEGIO GOETHE de Buenos Aires. En el BLOG TICS en la PRIMARIAmostramos qué pasa habitualmente en la escuela. Nosotros aprendemos alemán y español desde el KINDERGARTEN. Inglés recién a partir de 4to. AÑO. Nos encantó este PROYECTO y realizamos estos GLOGS sobre ARGENTINA los martes (MAYO - JUNIO 2010) en el horario de nuestro TALLER. Somos alumnos de 9 a 12 años. Después de nuestras vacaciones de INVIERNO ahora en JULIO, tenemos proyectado armar nuevos GLOGS durante nuestras clases de alemán.
Im 5. Schuljahr ist unser Thema Deutschland, also werden wir Glogs zu den verschiedenen Bundesländern machen. Bis dann! hasta pronto!!
School: Colegio Goethe
City: Buenos Aires

Name: Paula Naugle
I teach: Math and Social Studies
I use GFTW because we have a classroom website, a wiki, and individual blogs. We use Skype and use a wide variety of Web 2.0 tools to complete our lessons each day. We are just learning how to create Glogsters and wanted to share our work with you here on this wiki.
School: Bissonet Plaza Elementary School
City: Metairie - New Orleans
State/Country: LOUISANA, USA

Name: Claudia Alejandra Fuchs
I teach: ICT
I use GFTW because yo soy docente con Especialización en Informática Educativa y recientemente Especialización en Entornos Virtuales de Aprendizaje- Estoy realizando un curso de extensión para profundizar este océano de tools de las Nuevas Tecnologías llamado Gráficas Digitales en Virtual educa. Me encuentro a cargo del area de Informática ( en los últimos años primaria) desde el año 2000 de la SCUOLA EDMONDO DE AMICIS, con una largar trayectoria en la integración cultural desde el año 1858 en la Argentina. Para conocer más sobre esta Institución pueden entrar en . Actualmente estamos trabajando en un wiki para sumarnos a este proyecto que nos gustó mucho y nos animó a compartir con otros alumnos de otros lugares del mundo nuestras actividades escolares como también contarles sobre nuestro país. Estamos elaborando esto durante las clases de computación y ya estamos pensando en armar otros Glogs en forma conjunta con otras maestras.Si quieren pueden contactarse conmigo por correo electrónico a
School: Scuola Edmondo de Amicis
City: Buenos Aires

Name: Violeta Voicila
I teach: English
I use GFTW because my students are aged between 14-16 and are very interested in creating glogs about our country, its tourist attractions and cultural heritage.They are still working enthusiastically on the projects and we would like to share our ideas with you. We find the project an useful and interactive way of communicating between different cultures and places of interests.
School: Dumitru Motoc”Technical College for Food Industry
City: Buchurest
Country: ROMANIA

Name: Marie Linder
I teach: English, Swedish, History and Religious Studies
I use GFTW because I want to connect my 13-16 year old students with the world.
School: Montessoriskolan
City: Falun
Country: SWEDEN

Name: Mihaela Loredana Rusu
I teach: Tourism
I use GFTW because I am the coordinator of travel magazine "Young entrepreneurs in tourism" from our school, so I and my students have a great opportunity glog on this wiki. My students are aged between 15 – 19 and because they are at a school of tourism it will be a pleasure for them to create glogs about Romania. My students also have an exercise company in tourism so it is good for them share the ideas with students from countries from the world.
(e-mail: We invite you to glog about the environment from your country:
School: Economic High School of Tourism
City: Iasi
Country: ROMANIA

Name: Lisa Ziebart
I teach: Social Studies and English Lanugage Arts
I use GFTW because I teach Grade 10. We are studying the concept of Globalization for Social Studies and this wiki is a perfect example of our growing interconnectedness. Click here to learn all about Macau, the most densely populated place in the world! Stay tuned! (email:
School: The International School of Macau
City: Macau

Name: Marianne Bates
I am a library-media teacher
I use GFTW because students from Mrs. Nancy Brisbay's World Geography classes created these glogs about the great state of Utah. Salt Lake City, Utah was the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Utah has a rich heritage, beautiful national parks, mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes, wonderful people, and the best snow on earth!
School: Albion Middle School
City: Sandy
Stat/Country: UTAH, USA

Name: Manuela Zani
I teach: Italian, History and Geography
I use GFTW because my students are aged between 10-11 years old and they are very interested in new technologies. Recently they have started to use Glogster and we would like to share our glogs to show our country on this wiki. We invited you to visit our wiki
School: Primary School Empoli
City: Empoli - Florence
Country: ITALY

Name: Sue Ausmeier
I am the Head of IT
I use GFTW because during our winter break I visited one of our neighbouring countries, Botswana and have since made a glog of my visit to Chobe National Park which was absolutely wonderful. I have never seen so many elephant and buffalo. We were also lucky enough to see a young pride of lions feasting on the remains of a young elephant which they had killed.
School: Durban Girls' College
City: Durban

Name: Otilia Moldovan
I teach: English
I use GFTW because our school wanted to take part in this international project as our students have already created glogs for their course on British and American Culture (grade 7). They decided to share images and important facts about our country with students around the world. This wiki offers this opportunity and we are proud to be part of it.
School: Ioan Bob School
City: Cluj-Napoca
Country: ROMANIA

Name: Rawya Shatila
I teach: English
I use GFTW because
City: Beirut
Country: LEBANON

Name: Kate Christensen
I teach: Media
I use GFTW because I think it is an amazing tool for sharing our students thoughts about their own countries and things of interest to them in their lives there
School: William Colenso College
City: Napier

Name: Graça Pereira
I teach: English (10th grade - high school level)
I use GFTW because it's a way of showing my students just how amazing and interesting it is to be able to see what teachers and students from completely new universes accomplish. It's a way of pointing out the advantages of having the WWW around as a precious tool to learn a language and to see how others learn that very same language. I want them to think of a way of showing the others their world, their country, their language... soon they will leave the results here.
I also use this wiki to show them the potentials of this tool: the WIKI so that they are motivated to participate in their own CLASS WIKI: and last but not least: the GLOG is king!
School: Escola Secundária Alves Martins

Name: Shirley Pires Rodrigues
I teach: English all levels
I use GFTW becauseI want all my students to feel the world is smaller than it seems to be and discovery is in their hands! It's another among the many tech tools I use with them. If u want to know more about what I'vfe already accomplished with my students, check
School: Soc. Bras. de Cultura Inglesa/RJ - SEEDUC/RJ - SME/RJ
City: Nova Iguaçu and Rio de Janeiro