About GFTW


Students of all ages all over the world are often assigned tasks to create posters on different topics, which they always do with pleasure. However, most of these posters end up in the trash and are never seen again. This project enables students to open the doors of their hard work to the world by inviting their peers to take a LOOK at their posters and providing their peers with an opportunity to LEARN from them. Peer-to-peer learning and collaboration inspires and motivates students to CREATE their own posters. As a result, they're actively engaged in the learning process and motivated to put in the extra effort.

Brief History of GFTW

GFTW was launched in October 2009 by Arjana Blazic, a teacher at **IX. gimnazija**, Zagreb, Croatia. She wanted to share her home country, Croatia, through her and her students eyes with other teachers and students around the world. Arjana continues to manage GFTW today in her spare time. The demands of the wiki as it continues to grow are increasing. If you have skills or expertise you can volunteer to this project please contact Arjana on Twitter: @abfromz.
Who Can Be Involved?

Everyone is welcome. GFTW can be used in schools all over the world by students of different ages. Its cross-curricular approach makes it easily adaptable to different subject areas. This is an open-ended project, so don't worry about deadlines. Join us and tell us what travel books can't. Share your world with us, share with us the glogs that you and your students have created about your city, country or a subject that is interesting to you or that you are passionate about.

Please feel free to send Arjana a message on the wiki or on Facebook